Jonathan Abbett

Brookline Town Meeting · Precinct 12

Vote Tuesday, May 2 at Runkle School

Hi — I'm Jon.

I've lived in Brookline since 2003, when my wife Sarah and I married and found our first apartment on Beacon Street. Both having grown up in Route 128 suburbs, we were eager to live our lives closer to the city. Then as today, Brookline offers the ideal balance.

I lead the user experience design team at a healthcare technology company in Boston, and Sarah is an anesthesiologist at a community hospital in Milford. We have three children — ages 16, 12, and 10 — who attend Maimonides School on Philbrick Road and are devoted fans of Brookline's many parks and baseball fields.

In 2012, we moved to Gardner Road and Precinct 12. Last year, I was elected to a 1-year term as Town Meeting Member and today I ask for your vote for a full 3-year term.

Why I Run

Even when we purchased our first condominium in 2005, settling down in Brookline was only possible because family helped us cover a down payment. We have no idea how our children might afford to live here as adults — prices of both multi-family and single-family homes have skyrocketed since then.

My father, father-in-law, grandfather, and great-grandfather each served in their Town Meetings, so my instinct was to get involved locally. As a Town Meeting Member, I have supported action to make Brookline more accessible to people who aren't billionaires:

I also support creating a charter commission to make town government more responsive and more effective.

On many issues, we have been successful; on some, big challenges still remain. I am eager to continue the work.

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I am proud to have been endorsed by:

Help out

Not everyone knows we have local elections every May — help me spread the word by e-mailing neighbors, displaying a yard sign, or holding a sign on Election Day.

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Important dates

You have many options to vote — but it's important that you make a plan: by mail, absentee, early in-person at Town Hall, or on Election Day at Runkle School.

Last Day to Register to Vote Saturday, April 22 @ 5PM
Last Day to Request a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Tuesday, April 25 @ 5PM
Last Day to Apply for an Absentee Ballot by mail Tuesday, April 25 @ 5PM
In-person Early Voting Saturday, April 22–Friday, April 28
Election Day Tuesday, May 2 @ 7AM–8PM

Where is Precinct 12?

Map of Brookline Precinct 12